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In the eAge era, use of computers & software becomes necessary for every kind of businesses. There are many aspects of mandated policies & procedures to be complied by every variety of business, this would be possible only when they are managed by proven IT Software systems in the business. Thus, we have formulated an unique combination of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Compliance Intelligence as one common tool that helps business in many ways.

aibici Intelligence is our technology solutions for modern trades, helps the business with certain automations with defined intelligent tools to generate alarms / alerts for management to focus on the analytical data towards realistic decisions, minimizing human dependencies and maximising efficiency of resources. This tool consists of the following 3 key elements.

ai-Artificial Intelligence

ai - Artificial Intelligence is devised to have regular checks and necessary validations every possible area of data being captured and to avoid unwanted or an invalid data being accepted by the systems. This helps in the system efficiency in long runs and data managed appropriately. Further, thru the data analysing and alerts on Dashboard, helpful to the company management to stay real time informative on the business to run smoothly.

bi-Business Intelligence

bi – Business Intelligence to do data mining at the back-end and do provide alarms, alerts and analytical reporting to the management on the in & out flows of the key business data like, Inventory, sales, taxes and customers data. These are KPIs (Key Point Indicators) to make the business growth strategies. This is helpful to the company management to understand the business profitability, pains & gains time to time.

ci -Compliance Intelligence

ci – Compliance Intelligence is a method of keeping regular vigilance on the business data to ensure the company at par with the provisions and clauses of respective business regulatory / compliance requirements. This helps to the company management to avoid risks on any regulatory challenges and maintain reputation of business & industry as well.

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