SmartSoft was started in Oct 2000 with an opportunity of a freelancer software development, and now having a team of 60+ full time professionals, capacity to develop any kind of software application with in-depth knowledge and experience in the modern trade solutions. You may look at our esteemed clients, various details mentioned in this website for your ready reference.


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Our technology with multiple applications suitable to operate on Computers, Laptops, Tabs & Mobile devices and POS counters with seamless integrated as one single software solution

Crisis Management

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SmartSoft has a proven track record of many successful takeovers by providing an accurate and effective software solutions.
Our team has well experienced professionals, to deal with any level crisis in terms of business logics building, data migrations across the business models.

Effective Solutions

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A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Compliance Intelligence is our technology solutions for modern business helps the companies with certain automation and defined intelligence tools to generate alarms / alerts for management to focus on the analytical data towards progressive decisions, minimizing human dependencies and maximising efficiency.

Efficient Technology

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Our Direct Selling ERP Software, is a proven Efficient Technology to handle millions of network data, with accuracy, real time business statistics and without any latency.
Our Expertise over two decades helps us to build any quantum of solution within no time.


We are 22 years through successful software development & support services company, core competence with Modern trade industry like eCommerce & Direct Selling in India and Abroad. A team of 60+ full time professional with adequate expertise to deal with 100% customised IT solutions.


Our team is our strength, who are groomed in our company on the domain knowledge and working for long-term. Average Employee service is 4 years.

A low rate of attrition is the reason for timely delivery of effective support, helping business to grow.


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